The Amazing Rocketbook

I was never intending to write reviews on this site. However, I just got this Rocketbook Core after reading so many reviews online, and man, this is the coolest thing since sliced bread!

What got me interested in finding some kind of system like this is because I am an old school pen and paper writer. If I were to try and write sitting down at a computer, perfectionist mode comes out, and no real writing gets done.

Instead, I spend my time rereading, spell checking, and criticizing my work. Now, there is just something about pen and paper that just lets the creativity flow. However, this adds another step to the writing process; retyping all my work.

As a mother of three, who also works a full time job, it can be difficult to find time to write, let alone type it all. So, I started on a journey to find the next best thing to help simplify the process.

Doing my research, I had found a couple of things that I wanted to look at further. There was the XP-Pen Note, the Symphony, and the Moleskine. All had their own pros and cons. 

The biggest one being the accuracy rating. Another issue I had with them was that each page was scanned individually. Meaning, when you were done with one page, you would have to scan it before starting on the next page.

Two things that stood out about that process is the fact that you have to save in between pages. To me, that takes away from the creativity process. When you are free writing or brainstorming, you should be able to continuously write. Not have to stop and save. 

Enter the Rocketbook. As I was doing a search on Amazon for “writing tablets”, the Rocketbook Core was listed as an ad, advertised as being the last notebook you will ever need. Intrigued, I read some reviews and watched some videos. The one thing that drew me in was the fact that there was no charging required, and I could continue writing from page to page without interruption.

One other feature is that it auto sends to my folder on Google Drive as well. But the best part? It transcribes my handwritten words to a google doc! Saves me so much time writing.

Handwriting in Rocketbook Core
Handwritten post before it gets transcribed.

I can just write until I am done, scan them with the app, and it goes to the folder I specify. Then, one of the Rocketbooks main features, you can erase your work from the book, and start over.

No more buying notebooks every few weeks to accommodate the constant writing. No more trying to remember which notebook I need to take with me. I can grab the Rocketbook and away I go.

This is just one of the options they give for notebooks too. They come in numerous different sizes, lined or unlined, planners, goal setting. You name it. 

I am excited to continue using this product with my writing. I hope I have convinced someone to purchase and use one of these. It has improved my writing immensely by streamlining the process.

Has anyone else fallen in love with the Rocketbook line? Let me know in a comment below. Happy writing!

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