PSA: Time to Celebrate!

I just wanted to make a big announcement: I have finished the first draft of chapters 1 and 2!!

I know, that doesn’t really sound like an accomplishment, but you know, from where I was when I started on this journey, it is HUGE!! As someone who has to work a full-time job, have three kids and a husband, trying to find time to write is a little difficult at times. There is always something more pressing that I have to take care of. You know, dinner? Apparently, children need to eat. Who would have thought?

Seriously though, this is a big accomplishment for me. Not sure if I explained what my end goal is, but one day, I want to write full time. And with full time writing? I am going to either a: travel the world (if my husband will join me) or b: find a beach and live the rest of my days there.

With the recent revelation that my health, and the health of my husband, isn’t the best, we needed to start making big changes. The biggest one being, I can’t do the 9-5 anymore. There are days when it is hard for me to get up and get moving, thanks to my wonderful immune system. And on those days, I don’t want to work for anyone anymore. Then I don’t have to explain my absence or use my vacation days.

So, this recent accomplishment, may seem small when I still have like fifteen chapters or more to go. To me, it is a big deal; it brings me one step closer to my goal. It gives me hope that I can do this. It makes me realize that I am capable, and this is proof that I need to believe in myself.

Now, time to celebrate!

How should I celebrate? Order out? Buy me something special? Any thoughts? I am up for some ideas.

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