Time to Celebrate some Romance

So, I may have done a thing. Not sure what it is going to do for me, but I am TRYING to put myself out there. And as an Introvert, it is hard to overcome the feeling of failure and rejection.

Scrolling through Facebook, I actually found an ad (because that is pretty much all that is on Facebook anymore) for a writing contest. Intrigued, I decided to click on it.

This brought me to Inkitt, a website for authors to publish original work. Cool. I scroll through everything and think to myself “What the heck. Why not submit a short novella to see what people think?”

So, without further ado, I have created a short novella called An Unlikely Romance. This follows Summer Paxton, a freshman in college who attracts the attention of the most eligible senior on campus, Ryan Scott.

But what will this contest really do for me? Not a clue. I am just hoping that someone, somewhere will like it. That someone will read it. I know that the top three winners get a publishing contract with Inkitt’s partner app, Galatea (which has amazing reads on there by indie authors by the way, but more on that a different day).

I will say, that if people do like it, I am thinking about expanding it out to a series. Currently, I have a few chapters published. Subsequent chapters being released every other day. It is slightly rushed, only because I am wanting to get it done and submitted by July 31st.

Click the link here to read the what has been published so far. Be sure to subscribe to be notified when more become available.


I hope you enjoy this, and I would love comments and feedback. Wish me luck on this new endeavor, and I will update soon with the Matchmakers!

An Unlikely Romance - Lyla Rivers new novella series

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