E-readers versus Print: Which is better?


The age old question: E-reader or print book. The lines are drawn for each of these. So many people choose one over the other. Why? Let’s break down the good and bad of both of these options. Then I will explain why both could actually be a good thing. 

So many people have personal preferences as to which they use. Reasons to choose would be convenience, ease of use, tactile, smell (you read that right), price to just name a few. But lets break down each “excuse” for their decision. 


Many people choose an e-reader for convenience. There are so many different apps today that allow for people to read anywhere they choose. And they can carry a whole library of books with them. No more cumbersome books to bring with you (I am looking at you Harry Potter). Instead, you can read the entire Harry Potter collection at the weight of your smartphone or tablet. 

Ease of Use

This could go both ways. So, there are some that believe that an e-reader is easy to use, but there are some who, can we say, are maybe a little technologically challenged? For them, the ease of use score would not be very high when it comes to an e-reader. They would prefer a physical book. On the other hand, people used to technology would enjoy the opportunity to use an e-reader. Most often they are relatively simple. No big gadgets and whistles or jumping through hoops to get used to using them. On occasion, an app may add an update that changes things around, and that can probably be the most frustrating part. 


This is where e-readers lack. The biggest complaint about e-readers is the feel. And I do have to agree. There is just something about physically holding a book in your hand; it just adds to your pleasurabilty while you get lost in whatever world the author has created. Although an e-reader has many perks, this is just one that it will never be able to compete with. 


Another thing that an e-reader lacks; that new book smell. You all know what I am talking about. You get that new book that you have been waiting for what feels like forever. The first time you get to hold it, you flip those pages in front of your face. Don’t deny it. I know you do it. That smell you get as the pages blow before you; it is one of the best smells in the world. People talk about new car smell all the time, but what about new book smell? Totally a thing? Right? I am inclined to think so. 


Another reason that can swing to either side. There are some times when you get the opportunity to purchase a physical book because it is on sale. Other times the ebook is cheaper. If budget is a thing, then that is a factor to consider. The library doesn’t have everything, I’m afraid. But Amazon sure does. 

Lyla’s Thoughts

Now that I have run through some of the main reasons that people choose e-readers or print books, I want to tell you one really important thing: it doesn’t matter. 

Let me repeat that: IT DOESN’T MATTER

It doesn’t matter which version is better. It only matters what it is that you prefer. I use both. And it all depends on the mood I am in. Lord of the Rings is an amazing trilogy. I have listened to all kinds of audiobook versions of it, read them in both e-reader and my ridiculously worn copy. Each has their own appeal. 

The physical copy gives me therapy, bringing me back to the days before e-readers, when I first picked up the book in my early teens and didn’t stop reading. 

Then the e-reader showed up. This allowed me to sneak reading in the middle of school, when I didn’t want to pay attention to the teacher (yes, I did that and no, I don’t regret it). 

But really, don’t let others discourage you. Read what you want to read however you want to read it. 

Let me know your thoughts and how you enjoy reading books. I would love to hear it!

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